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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jack's Ark is Born!

I learned to crochet about 6 years ago, it all started with scarfs. Two years later I wanted to know more and taught myself how to read patterns and now I'm obsessed! My first animal was for my soul sister Sara who was expecting her first baby girl. And the Aysa Bunny was born!

I posted the picture on my Facebook page and my friends and family started suggesting I sell them. A few more animals came to life and soon enough people were asking to buy them! After getting my first two orders, then two more, I decided to get serious and create a website. This is where the story gets crazy.

If you start a website, you need a name, I've been thinking for over a month about what name to pick and nothing was feeling right. So today, October 8, 2009 I asked my Facebook friends to help me with a name for this little "business" and my second suggestion, from my aunt DaNene was "Jack's Ark" to honor my baby boy Jack who was born too soon and only lived for just under 4 hours. I started crying just reading the name "Jack's Ark", it was perfect! I immediately called my mother in law who I had talked to earlier and had asked her to think of some names for me. I told her the suggestion of "Jack's Ark" and she said "That's the name!" and proceeded to tell me that she had just been going through Rubbermaid totes and found a picture she bought 10 or 15 years ago, it's a drawing of Noah's Ark! When she saw it those many years ago she just new she had to buy it and give it to her grandchild one day! Isn't that crazy?!? Apparently Jack knew what the name should be and So It Shall Be...

Welcome to Jack's Ark!

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