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Monday, January 2, 2012

Stormtropper Pixal Blanket

Stormtrooper Pixal Blanket
Made to order, takes approx. 2 months to complete.
Queen Size shown

I'm basing my price on others who make and sell Pixal blankets on Etsy. It seems most all of them charge $1 per square. Since there were 224 squares in this blanket, it's $224. If you'd like a smaller size blanket I will discount the price, but will have to gauge it on the cost of the yarn. This was my first pixal blanket and though it was fun to make, OH MY HELL it was Pain Staking! LOL And Again, I can take requests for any kind of Pixal Blanket with in reason. I've already got a request for Boba Fett!

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